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My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that any person seeking lessons has the innate ability to become successful if given the right tools. Are you a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or retired professional looking to get your "chops" back? 

I have successfully coached students in all of these areas. 

Each lesson is uniquely crafted to each student based on their learning style and goals.
I expect every student to practice each week (varies by level) to accomplish their goals and to be prepared                  for each lesson.  

My ultimate goal as your teacher is to show you how to become an independent learner

rather than a dependent student.



30-Minute Weekly Lessons:  $200 Monthly

45-Minute Weekly Lessons:  $260 Monthly

60-Minute Weekly Lessons:  $320 Monthly


60-Minute Biweekly Lessons:  $160 Monthly

90-Minute Biweekly Lessons:   $240 Monthly

120-Minute Coaching Session One payment of $160
 Per Lesson

I have a home studio, teach online and can travel for i
n home lessons within a 20-mile radius. There is a $15 per lesson fee for this service.  Over 20 miles the travel fee is $25

Mte Music, LLC accepts checks, most major credit cards, and debit cards.
Billing is monthly and invoices are sent digitally through Square.

All payments can be made online.

**Your first 45 Minute lesson is FREE.**

Call or click on the image below today and reserve your FREE consultation.

There is a required 30-day written notice for cancellation of lessons and a   24-hour notice for any session that will be missed.  If proper notification is given the session will be rescheduled.  Missed sessions without notice will be

charged and not rescheduled.  

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